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Avenger-180 Icarus

Avenger-180 Icarus
Avenger-180 Icarus - view 1Avenger-180 Icarus - view 2Avenger-180 Icarus - view 3Avenger-180 Icarus - view 4Avenger-180 Icarus - view 5Avenger-180 Icarus - view 6Avenger-180 Icarus - view 7Avenger-180 Icarus - view 8Avenger-180 Icarus - view 9Avenger-180 Icarus - view 10

Avenger- 180 Icarus

This Visual Projection Screen provides a 180 Degree Field Of View to give true immersion for a fraction of the cost of many other systems.

Wide screen simulation & gaming have been totally redefined - taking simulation to the next level. This new projection screen technology delivers the best colours, contrast and black levels on the market. No more nailing every window and blacking out the entire room. You can use the projection system day and night, it allows easy blending and surround projection without glare and reflections.

Effective single projector solutions or mult-projector setups together with accurate warping & edge-blending software when needed.

Delivering the highest and most Immersive quality visual systems to customers around the world. If you want to know what it feels like to fly a military plane in combat situation, train in any real aircraft, drive a car or truck, drive a train, boat, ship or race a Formula One on track, this is the solution for you. You can even connect few of these together in a group and fly, fight and race together in multiplayer environment.

Great Image Quality
Unique surface,
Rich vibrant colors
Real blacks

Adjustable height
Works with most short throw projectors

Improved Design Features
Ultimate freedom,

Important Uses of this Visual Projection System include:
DCS World, X-Plane, Lockheed Martin P3D as well as many Motor Racing Games & Simulation Titles for those wanting immersion.

The Basic frame is best for budget conscious projects and perfect for home gaming. The plain construction board frame is CNC laser cut from furniture grade construction board, the surface is laminated from both sides with matt black veneer with excellent scratch resistance. It offers a nicely finished look that compliments most gaming setups and better durability.

Price: 1,750.00 (1,750.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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